MidAtlantic Mobility Services

Service You Can Count On

MidAtlantic Mobility provides service and maintenance for fleet vehicles, including buses, trucks, vans, and mobility vehicles.

We give our customers the option of having their vehicles serviced at their location, or they can be dropped off at our full service garage.

Our personnel are factory trained and certified on a variety of systems and parts including:

  • Braun
  • Maxon
  • Ricon
  • Transair
  • Act
  • ACC
  • Carrier
  • Q-straint
  • Shure-loc
  • Intermotive

The services we provide include:

  • Fleet Maintenance — performed every two months by our road crew who show up when it’s convenient for you. This includes oil changes, brake jobs, tires, shocks, and other routine maintenance. Our service constitutes a full Type A inspection as designated by the State of Maryland.
  • Mobility — our factory-trained experts provide repair, maintenance, and installation of wheelchair lifts. Our garage allows us to make full installations and modifications to buses and vans. Our team can also install handicap car controls.
  • Air Conditioning – the AC units on buses and trucks require constant attention and upkeep. We perform retro fitting on older units and carry an extensive inventory of parts, so your vehicles are cool and comfortable for passengers.

MidAtlantic Mobility can perform many of these services at your location. We have seven trucks that are mobile repair shops.

Call us today at 877-888-8001 and we’ll visit your site to provide a free estimate and proposal.